Stagecoach 400 '23

Since starting school at UC Irvine, I had been looking forward to making a fast attempt at the Stagecoach 400 route. 

My friend Xavier currently has the FKT and encouraged me to go for it. The grand depart was set for a Friday and I had one more final to take on Monday, so I didn't have much choice except to try and do it fast.

I ended up freezing at about 200 miles in after a deep pond crossing. I considered waiting until the daytime to continue into the desert, but realized it would most likely end with me not being able to make it on time for my final. I bailed there.

I was really bummed about how it ended so I decided to give it another go the next Friday. Like the first time, I had to finish before Monday, the first day of classes for the Spring quarter. If I couldn't do it sub 48 hours, I'd have to bail.

I got the same snowy, cold and wet conditions as the first attempt but did much better in bringing adequate layers. I felt like I did well in taking care of myself, especially considering I was completely alone this time. 

I made it to around mile 300 before my Achilles started to quit on me. I just hadn't recovered enough from the weekend before. Another time I guess.

It was so cold on my second attempt start that the grease in my derailleur clutch froze.

That's the route, there's single-track under there.