Roland MDX Pendant

I was gifted a Roland MDX 540 gantry mill that hadn't been used in a long time. It came with this jog pendant that is incredibly useful due to the built in safety switches on the enclosure. The encoder wasn't working so while taking it apart to figure out how to replace it I figured I'd design a new pendant.

The PCBs are fairly old and bulky, making it challenging to resituate everything into a smaller package. Fitting a new encoder in also proved difficult as Roland uses a lot of proprietary equipment.

I'm still working on a few more aspects of this design and am thinking of moving the jog wheel to make it a bit more ergonomic. The button layout is a little funny as the switches are a part of the PCB but it makes it a fun puzzle to try and reorient the hardware to a smaller footprint.

Currently all the dimensions of the existing hardware are modeled. I just need to decide on a layout and add labels. Also, need to find a way to make buttons that can fit onto the switches.

Tried a different layout that puts the jog wheel in a slightly more ergonomic spot, although it has to be on the left due the constrained button layout.

A little bit of tidying and I think it'll be ready to print. Don't think I'll be able to buy the exact colors of filament but we'll see what I have.