Chain and Seat Stay Miter Fixture

While building the All-Road frame, I found it difficult to miter the rear triangle evenly and accurately. There was lot to consider to get this right, so I relied heavily on the designs of Kristopher Henry from 44Bikes.

The fixture needed to:

I cleaned up some rod stock on the lathe and put offset holes so they could be tightened against stays. I couldn't use a clamp design because the centerline of chain and seat stays vary between builds.

The 3d printed tire clearance checker and a 3d printed clamp alignment tool helped keep spacing between the stays and the angles of cut equal.

There are a handful of updates I'd like to make to this design to improve rigidity and accuracy. 

Planned improvements:

Taller chainstays are especially difficult and put this fixture at its limit.

The fixture can be set horizontally in the vice to miter chainstays.